What Is Maximalism? Here’s What to Know About the Design Trend

THE PIONEER WOMAN – Iris Apfel was right when she said, “More is more and less is a bore.” For the past few years simple, pared-down interiors (aka minimalism) have reigned supreme on many Pinterest pages, but we have some good news for all of you pattern lovers (Ree included!). There’s a new home design trend in town called maximalism. But what is maximalism, exactly? Well, it celebrates all things bold, colorful, and luxurious. Instead of focusing on tidying up or Marie Kondo-ing your belongings, this design philosophy is all about filling rooms with items you love—the more the merrier. Love wild patterned wallpaper? Hang it up. Got some special art prints? Same deal. And while you’re at it, pack the room with your favorite furniture and accessories too. If this style had a mantra, it would be “go big and go home.” CLICK TO READ MORE