Mary Hyland

Meet Mary, a driven and imaginative designer fueled by a passion for transforming spaces into inviting and vibrant areas that effortlessly generate happiness and lasting memories for her clients and those who experience them. Growing up with an architect father and a real estate agent mother, Mary’s interest in design and architecture was sparked at an early age. She spent her childhood traveling and studying architecture and design alongside her father. Her education at Drexel University further honed her skills, earning her a Bachelor of Science in Design & Merchandising and a minor in Product Design. Prior to joining our company, Mary worked at a high-end residential interior design firm, gaining invaluable experience in creating luxurious and functional living spaces. Her ability to understand clients’ needs and preferences makes her a valuable asset to our team. Outside of work, Mary enjoys spending time with her family in Maine and staying social through local intramural sports leagues including tennis and pickleball. She also has a love for shopping and enjoys discovering unique and stylish pieces to incorporate into her designs.

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