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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Countertop Shopping

Coco Chanel said, “The best things in life are free. The rest are very, very expensive.”. There’s truth in that, but I  respectfully challenge this notion when it comes to countertops. Even with a limited budget, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your home.  In my design life, I’ve come across many clients who’ve had countertop sticker shock, a common affliction among homeowners. While countertop surfaces aren’t cheap, I can promise they’re worth the

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Avoid These 5 Common Design Mistakes

Let’s be real.  Everyone makes mistakes…including experienced interior designers/television hosts.  (Not naming any names!) ???? It’s all good. Why?Because we live, we learn and as long as we don’t make the same mistake twice, we’re doing alright!  This month’s blog is a cautionary tale of sorts and my way of compiling the design mistakes I most often encounter (as in over and over again).       The blunders are almost always “too” something or

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Easiest Ways to Elevate Your Holiday Party

This is my time of year. Bring on the festive cocktails, sparkling decor, pine-scented everything, gift-giving and ALL THE LIGHTS! I could get lost in those mini illuminated villages for days. This is just one of the reasons why I’m grateful to be a judge on ABC network’s The Great Christmas Light Fight and have been for the past 6 seasons. Each year, I’m surrounded (and inspired) by people trying to step up their Christmas

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Design Ideas That Give the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Monumental change can happen without monumental effort. So if you’re itching to improve your space but don’t want to break the bank to do it, I got you. Promise. After all these years in interior design, I stand by the fact that you can have a gorgeous, luxurious feel to your home without spending a ton.  When you invest your time and money on the right things it is possible to avoid stressful, costly, unnecessary

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Find Your Design Style in One Easy Step

Understanding your design style is not as difficult as you’d think. Why? Because you already have the answer. You just need to know where to find it. Over the years I’ve had so many clients ask me how they can figure out exactly what their design style is.  I see the stress in their faces as they try to figure out how to make their home fit a “magazine” style or influence when all they

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