6 Thoughtful Gifts For Every Person on Your List

No annual gift card exchanges for you this year!  I have what you need to simplify your shopping list and show your love with more meaningful presents! By tapping into what friends and family are passionate about, you can become a world-class gift giver.  So, grab a cup of cheer and take a few minutes to read this carefully curated list of personalized, thoughtful gift ideas. Even the people who “have everything” will be overjoyed to unwrap any one of these goodies.


1.  “M” is for Monogrammed. Any gift is made that much sweeter by adding the receiver’s initials. Monogrammed items (though really difficult to regift ????) really show you went the extra mile.  From serving trays to branded wooden cutting boards and wine glasses, monogramming adds a timeless elegance to otherwise ordinary gifts. And while we’re on the topic of customization…using pictures of children or pets can also make a memorable presentation. One of my favorite gifts that I received is a giant coffee mug with my loveable bulldog’s…well, MUG on it! For a truly one-of-a-kind gesture, you can’t go wrong with anything custom.


This face. Truly the gift that keeps on giving.


2.  Gourmet Gifts.  Tasty treats never disappoint. I was given the gift of Chicago-style pizza in the form of a gourmet care package chock full of doughy, cheesy delight. I would never in a million years have treated myself to such a splurge, but did I thoroughly enjoy it? You bet I did.  A quick online search will turn up hundreds of ideas for culinary connoisseurs including surf & turf meals, fine cheeses, chocolate souffles, coffees and regional specialties (so helpful in supporting local businesses). It’s easy to find mouth-watering, luxury food selections for loved ones. Plus, the convenience of online purchasing makes it simple to source foods as unique as the person who will enjoy them.


3. Frequent Flyers. Any time you can notice someone’s habits, activities and lifestyle, you’ll be able to choose a more thoughtful present. Maybe you know someone who’s always on the go. We’ve all been travelling less lately but soon our globe-trotting family and friends will be once again packing their bags for work or adventure. Consider a custom luggage tag or monogrammed travel jewelry case from Mark & Graham. (See, I told you I love an initial.) Typically, we tend to think these things are too indulgent to purchase for ourselves, making it that much more exciting to receive such a chic and useful gift. Throw blankets, luxury passport covers, and travel chargers are just a few of the many ideas inspired by travellers.  Any gift that helps commemorate a trip or makes future adventures more enjoyable will be the right one.



4. Comfort & Joy. I live in New England where winters are long and cccccccold. But like most people, I wouldn’t normally splurge on luxury sleepwear (which is why it’s so fun to receive it).  Opening up a set of the fluffiest, comfiest, coziest pajamas will always be a winner in my book! Also…athleisure, anyone? Fashion has evolved to where we don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort so even relaxed loungewear and workout clothes make a truly considerate gift. Friends and family will be grateful to unwrap ultra-soft, chic clothing for lounging, running errands or going to the gym.


This Boston girl knows the importance of warm pjs.


5. Pampered Present. If you know an overworked, maxed-out someone whose most recent spa treatment was the dishwasher steam hitting them in the face, this could be the perfect idea. During a time (I’m looking at you, 2020.) when self-care needs to be a top priority, a gift that encourages relaxation can help ease stress and anxiety. Many of us might not yet feel comfortable heading to our favorite spa for the day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a similar retreat at home. Day spas like Katana Salon & Spa in Winchester, MA, offer customizable gift baskets based on the products and services saved in members’ customer profiles.  An assortment of luxurious facial masks, a plush bathrobe, scented candles and moisturizers will promote overall mind-body health and remind the recipient how much you care about their wellness. Plus, since the spa has all of the information on file, you can’t miss when it comes to the exact products they love!


6. Think of a Theme. I’m not sure who has more fun with this type of gift; me or the recipient! It makes my designer heart happy to create a unique collection of items and pull it all together with thought and purpose. Riddle me this…What does a bottle of Advil, a fancy water bottle, cushioned slippers, a family-size bag of chips and a reusable cooling eye mask have in common? Well, it’s the perfect hangover cure, obviously! We had so much fun coming up with variations of this theme last year at our company gift exchange! It was hilarious! Recently, I gifted a bloody mary kit including all of the necessary trappings for the perfect cocktail including monogrammed glasses and vodka from an online grocery service. If there’s a splurge-worthy culinary enthusiast on your list, perhaps fill a fun-colored Le Creuset dutch oven with assorted high-end gourmet goodies. No matter your theme, this idea always works because it’s personal and shows how much effort you invested into assembling the perfect items.


Always fashionable, forever practical Le Creuset cookware.


Giving a gift is so much more than an exchange of goods. It sends a message to the recipient and is ultimately a wish for their happiness! By taking some time to think about a person’s personality, special interests and lifestyle, anyone can master the art of good gift-giving during the holidays or really anytime at all.


Thanks for sharing this post with anyone you think would enjoy it and message your ideas for future blog posts to me @taniyanayakI’m listening and always inspired by you. 


Happy Holidays and all the best for 2021!