6 Simple Secrets Designers Use to Pull a Room Together


RACHEL RAY SHOW – Want your home to look the best it can? HGTV star and designer Taniya Nayak is revealing six simple secrets she uses when designing a room to pull everything together.

Secret 1: Create Your Own Custom Carpet

Most people think you have to buy an (often pricey) area rug if you want a smaller rug that won’t take up a lot of space. Taniya shares that you can go to a carpet store and ask them to cut a carpet piece to your specifications and bind the edges.

Secret 2: Properly Place Your TV

Taniya shares a rule of them in terms of where you should place your TV in relation to your couch. Whatever size your TV is (measure on the diagonal), you should multiple that by 1.5, and that’s how far away you should place your couch or seats. And, she adds, be sure to set it at eye level.

Secret 3: Use Flooring on Walls

Want to give a room a total makeover? Why not use wood flooring on the walls? It’s a great money-saver since it’s looks expensive, but is actually quite affordable. Taniya suggests that you can also use this to cover ugly popcorn ceilings.

Secret 4: Get an Industrial Look for a Steal

Taniya also uses super-cheap cement board that is typically used under tile to dress up walls. It’s a very inexpensive way to get a hip industrial look!

Secret 5: Properly Frame Children’s Artwork

Want to make the adorable artwork that the kids in your life have made you pop? Just matte it before you frame it!

Secret 6: Use Pillows to Create Visual Interest

Add multicolored pillows to your couch to make it more fun and vibrant. –